Forge Engine beta feedback (pt. 1)

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This post and the next few blog posts include long and in-depth feedback and discussion from the recent Forge Engine beta playtest and feedback process.  In the text below, the text in italics is the comment from the playtester/reader, and the following normally formatted text is my response and discussion.  Special thanks to Reddit user htp-di-nsw for […]

Heroes Against Darkness review…

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Well this is unexpected.WQRobb over at Graph, Paper, and Games has just posted a review of my first RPG, Heroes Against Darkness.Graph, Paper, and Games – Heroes Against Darkness review…It’s unexpected because it’s been a while since I’ve had a review of HAD; the world of D&D variants has moved on from HAD since 5th Edition was […]

Remaking Magic: Avoid All Absolutes

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Yet another of my self-imposed ‘rules’ for Heroes Against Darkness is to avoid the sorts of absolute effects of earlier (and future!) versions of D&D.  The history of D&D is littered with absolute effects, here are a few of the more egregious that come to mind: •  Immunities (such as the Dwarven immunity to poison that has […]

Remaking Magic: Narrative Control

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Much to the consternation of some of my more seasoned D&D players, Heroes Against Darkness doesn’t have some of the staples of magic that feature in D&D.  When looking for solutions to some problems their characters faced, they’d ask about spells that they’d used in D&D to solve similar situations. I made a conscious decision in […]

Remaking Magic: Enhance, Don’t Replace

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First, a quick confession. I’m generally such an isolated throwback that I hadn’t even heard of ‘niche protection’ until just a few weeks ago.  In spite of not having heard the damned term, the idea that each class in a RPG should have its own thing was apparent during the development of Heroes Against Darkness. One […]