Hero Kids Bundle of Holding 2020

Hero Kids and Bundle of Holding have teamed up again to launch a new Hero Kids Bundle of Holding:

Hero Kids Bundle of Holding 2020 Image

There are two collections on offer:
• Starter Collection: Core Hero Kids, 5 adventures, plus extra Pets and Heroes
• Bonus Collection: Adds the Monster Compendium, Space Heroes expansion, 5 more adventures, and 5 more sets of Heroes!

Check it out here:
Hero Kids Bundle of Holding 2020

One thought on “Hero Kids Bundle of Holding 2020

  1. We’ve just started playing, as something to do with our kids while school is cancelled. We want to include friends from school, but of course we don’t want to get together in a group, so we’re using roll20. However, I’m setting everything up by hand. I’m manually importing the standees, after coloring them using a paint program, etc.

    What would be AWESOME is to have this all done “professionally” for roll20. While everybody is hunkered down is the perfect time to introduce new families to Hero Kids, and RPGs in general.

    How about a Kickstarter to do exactly that? I’d definitely contribute.

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