D&D Next: Sacred Spells

So I just got the new survey from the D&D Next team about the playtest, and I’m frustrated with this one.

It asks which spells must be in the game for it to be D&D and then it lists all Wizard and Cleric spells, and you can choose which ones must be in the game.

I selected ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ for all of them and left this reason:
“No spell has to be in the game to make it D&D.”

For the final comment I left this note:
“The idea that some spell or other ‘has’ to be in the game for it to be D&D is a ridiculous proposition that panders to players who favor nostalgia instead of design refinement.”

I hate the idea that a particular spell has to be in D&D, otherwise it’s not D&D anymore   This is the kind of thinking that panders to old-school players but kills progress and refinement.

Heroes Against Darkness is guaranteed not to contain any spells that must be in D&D:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.

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  1. Well, what else IS D&D Next if not nostalgia? In my oppinion an incarnation of D&D without (for example) a magic missile wielding Wizard is preposterous. Otherwise you'd end up with just another fantasy rpg with no charm (hey, another needed spell in my book).

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