The Road to Ruin

Zombie hordes roam the city; your band of survivors venture into the ruins to scavenge for supplies.

In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the world lies in ruins. You and your fellow survivors leave the sanctuary of your safe house to search for supplies. But danger is everywhere and your safety is not guaranteed...

Play alone or with friends: The Road to Ruin offers fast and deep exploration and combat in a compact package. One to four players control survivors of a zombie apocalypse that has plunged the world into ruin.

Explore the city: You explore hidden locations to discover items you need, but watch out for the zombie hordes lurking everywhere! Locations have unique functions, such as hospitals where you heal wounds or police stations where you find weapons and items.

Fight to survive: Combat is a tense and thrilling dice-rolling battle where you use your weapons, equipment, and items to fight off the relentless zombie hordes.

• 97 cards featuring beautiful artwork
• 5 survivor characters, each with unique abilities
• 4 scenarios with random setup for great replayability
• Includes 4 survivor tokens and 2 combat dice

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