Comparison of Death in Various d20 Systems

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Here’s an interesting off-site article that compares the various death and dying mechanics in a bunch of d20 derived systems: Untimately: The Varieties of Fatal Experience. For the record, Heroes Against Darkness has these pretty straightforward death and dying rules:• Unconscious at 0 HP• Dying from -1 HP• No single attack can take a character […]

Heroes Against Darkness: Alpha rules updated to v0.200

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I’ve updated the downloadable Heroes Against Darkness Alpha rules to v0.200. The major changes are:• Switched page format to US Letter (reluctantly)• Removed the damage section from monsters (was redundant and didn’t reflect their different attacks)• Fixed some minor issues in the example character creation maths• Clarified that the relevant Attack Bonus is added to […]

More D&D 5th Edition reports from DDXP

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Another two reports from the guys over at Critical Hits of their experiences playing D&D 5th Edition: DDXP 2012 Recap: Running the New D&D and Playing Games.Initial Impressions of the New D&D. This comment has me slightly worried, because I don’t like slow healing:“That same Paladin had previously charged a room full of stirges, and […]