The Road to Ruin aka Holiday Report Pt. 2

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I tend, as a designer, to rush to artwork and layout quite early in the design process.  While other designers recommend waiting as late as possible before incorporating these graphical elements, I have not managed to internalise this habit.With The Road to Ruin, I quickly moved from the white index cards to template cards that I wrote […]

New Hero Kids Logos

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You may already have noticed the new Hero Kids logo in my previous Jennisodes post, but if you didn’t then prepare to be amazed by the majesty that is the new Hero Kids logo: And here’s the black and white version too: As you can see, Eric Quigley has transformed my original into a real […]

Presenting the HERO KIDS!

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From left to right, they are; knight, rogue, brute, warlock (male), hunter (female), hunter (male), warlock (female), healer, warrior (female), and warrior (male). Click to enbiggen: The previous warlocks that I used were in poses much more like the healer and they weren’t popular with the playtesters, so hopefully these kick-ass versions get the attention […]

Hero Kids alpha playtest complete

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After several weeks of thorough testing, the alpha playtest of Hero Kids is now complete.   I’ve gotten back a whole bunch of useful feedback from the various testers and their tiny helpers.   Thanks guys and girls! I’m currently working to implement the changes and suggestions that have come up in the testing, I’m designing more adventures for […]

Heroes Against Darkness Version 1.0 Released!

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Well, editing has taken several weeks longer than I anticipated but it’s done now, so v1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness is released: The major changes and updates for this revision are: • Changed Stabilize to be a major action, not a full action• Changed opposed movement to be a major action, not a move action• […]