Review of Heroes Against Darkness at Earth Alpha

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Here’s another review of Heroes Against Darkness, this one from Andrew Collas on his Earth Alpha blog.   I’ve cribbed quotes from Andrew’s review here, but check Andrew’s blog: Review of Heroes Against Darkness – Earth Alpha “…this game MADE me want to play D&D again… well this version of it anyways.” “Heroes Against Darkness… that takes […]

New Hero Kids Logos

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You may already have noticed the new Hero Kids logo in my previous Jennisodes post, but if you didn’t then prepare to be amazed by the majesty that is the new Hero Kids logo: And here’s the black and white version too: As you can see, Eric Quigley has transformed my original into a real […]

Presenting the HERO KIDS!

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From left to right, they are; knight, rogue, brute, warlock (male), hunter (female), hunter (male), warlock (female), healer, warrior (female), and warrior (male). Click to enbiggen: The previous warlocks that I used were in poses much more like the healer and they weren’t popular with the playtesters, so hopefully these kick-ass versions get the attention […]

Maze of the Minotaur Adventure Playtest

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Playtester 0 (Violet, aged 4) and I spent an hour last night playing through the Hero Kids premium adventure Maze of the Minotaur. I’ve mentioned Maze of the Minotaur briefly before, but this adventure deserves some attention because it’s quite different from the game’s normal adventures.   Maze of the Minotaur is different because it features a […]

Hero Kids Adventure Maps

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While I’m waiting for some of the artwork to get done for Hero Kids I’ve been spending my time working on adventures for the game.   So far, I’ve made two ‘normal’ adventures (one of which will be included with the game), one premium adventure (which will be a stand-alone product), and I’m currently working on some […]