Mechanics of Attack Bonus progression in D&D and Heroes Against Darkness

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One of the areas of D&D that has changed in most editions is the way that the game deals with the gradual improvements to a character’s abilities over time. Each of the editions has some mechanism to reflect each character’s skill improvement as they gain levels. In the earliest editions, this is achieved through predefined […]

Making D&D 5th Edition Modular:Part III Combat and HP

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The first post in this series gave an overview of the core elements of D&D, while part II looked at progression and balancing modular elements. When designing features for role-playing games or videogames, one of the major considerations is the magnitude (Pop! Pop!) of the additional work that the proposed feature places on the entire […]

Making D&D 5th Edition Modular: Part II

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The previous post in this series looked at a few of the underlying concepts of a unified modular D&D system, and also some of the disparate mechanics that would need to be reconciled in the new system:• Core Mechanic (d20)• Ability Score Bonuses (Ability Score – 10 / 2)• Gradual improvement (+1 per level mechanics) […]