Hero Forge Games update

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Folks, now’s a good time to take a moment to check in about what’s happening in Hero Forge Games land. Bundle of Holding The Hero Kids Bundle of Holding closed several weeks ago, with 1,008 new Hero Kids families joining our community, and $1,700 donated to the Reading Is Fundamental charity. Huzzah! Recent Releases By now you […]

The Road to Ruin aka Holiday Report Pt. 2

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I tend, as a designer, to rush to artwork and layout quite early in the design process.  While other designers recommend waiting as late as possible before incorporating these graphical elements, I have not managed to internalise this habit.With The Road to Ruin, I quickly moved from the white index cards to template cards that I wrote […]

Hero Forge Games’ new home…

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For a while I’ve struggled with multiple blogs for each of my projects:• Hero Kids main blog (herokidsrpg.blogspot.com)• Heroes Against Darkness blog (heroesagainstdarkness.blogspot.com)• Hero Forge Games blog (heroforgegames.blogspot.com)The Heroes Against Darkness blog was my first, and it was there that I chronicled the development of Heroes Against Darkness, Hero Kids, and the early days of […]

More D&D 5th Edition reports from DDXP

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Another two reports from the guys over at Critical Hits of their experiences playing D&D 5th Edition: DDXP 2012 Recap: Running the New D&D and Playing Games.Initial Impressions of the New D&D. This comment has me slightly worried, because I don’t like slow healing:“That same Paladin had previously charged a room full of stirges, and […]