Alpha Rules Updated to v0.244

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I’ve updated the downloadable Heroes Against Darkness Alpha rules to v0.244. This is a huge revision of the rules, and incorporates many of the significant changes I’ve been discussing here on the blog and over on the Game Design & Development forums at Healing, Anima and Resting The biggest single change to the game […]

Heroes Against Darkness: Session Report

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Some readers might be wondering how Heroes Against Darkness works in play, rather than on paper. So here’s a quick recap of our Monday night session. In the lead up to the session, the six adventurers had been captured by goblins while traveling through an ancient dwarven tunnel that linked a series of beacon towers […]

20 Quick Questions for Heroes Against Darkness

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20 Questions about my Heroes Against Darkness campaign from Brandon at Untimately: 1. Ability scores generation method?The system supports 3d6, 4d6 drop lowest, point array and point buy: Method 1: Normal Player CharactersRoll 3d6 six times, then choose which ability to assign each score. This method gives an unadjusted cumulative total of 64. Method 2: […]

Seven Steps to Good Role-Playing

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By definition, role-playing is when players take on and direct the actions of their character or alter-ego in a game. Role-playing comes to the fore in Heroes Against Darkness when the players’ characters have role-playing encounters, which run the full gamut from the mundane to potentially deadly:• Negotiate a price with a shopkeeper• Gain information […]