Erroneous Errata

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This list includes all of the errata in version 1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness: Page 6: Method 1: Normal Player Characters should say ‘cumulative total of 63’.Pages 19-21: ‘Common’ should be ‘Middle-Tongue’.Page 57: Ranged Attack Powers does not specify that they require line of sight.Page 75: Winging Shot damage should be ‘+ Ranged’, not ‘+ […]

D&D Next: Early Thoughts and Opinions…

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I’ve been looking forward to the D&D Next open playtest for quite a while.  I previously blogged about some of the expectations that I had of this new edition and ways to approach making a modular edition of D&D: •  Mechanics of Attack Bonus Progression•  D&D 5th Edition DDXP Play Report•  Making D&D 5th Edition Modular – Part I […]

Remaking Magic: Enhance, Don’t Replace

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First, a quick confession. I’m generally such an isolated throwback that I hadn’t even heard of ‘niche protection’ until just a few weeks ago.  In spite of not having heard the damned term, the idea that each class in a RPG should have its own thing was apparent during the development of Heroes Against Darkness. One […]