Who Love Reviews? The Road to Ruin…

Here’s one from the vaults; my zombie card game The Road to Ruin has a new review. And this review captures – to me – the intent that I always have for The Road to Ruin.

Couldn’t be more pleased with this unique, brilliant card game! It looks amazing, and the design is really smart. Cooperate with friends or go it alone in a modular game world riddled with hordes of walking dead!

Basic mechanics and strategy are easy to pick up and teach new players. The rule about discarding any item for a last ditch effort to reroll helps stave off the deadliness of unrelenting zombie hordes. (Don’t forget to respawn new threats when revisiting locations!)

The cards themselves are really beautiful with great art and flavor text to immerse players in a ruined world. Replay value is pretty terrific with multiple different scenarios and randomized world-map layouts.

“Although the ‘dice cards’ are fine in a pinch, I recommend playing with real dice. You can use anything for the player tokens, we generally play with grubby old coins. It’s helpful to lay down a tablecloth before setting up to avoid scratching or bending up cards as you flip them over.”

Five stars for sure, this game is rad and I wish there were more like it.”

“What would be really cool is if Hero Forge Games released an expansion of some kind, maybe with more scenarios, different locations, new survivor characters. As solid as it already is, the game feels expandable. It may even accommodate an alternative ruleset to open up a secondary play mode that’s less focused on world-maps and more akin to a faster paced competitive poker style game.”

“As it stands though it’s really superb, definitely grab it for a quick and engaging way to scratch that zombie-killer itch!”

If this sounds ace; check out The Road to Ruin:

  • 97 cards featuring beautiful artwork
  • 5 survivor characters, each with unique abilities
  • 4 scenarios with random setup for great replayability
  • Includes 4 survivor tokens and 2 combat dice (The Game Crafter version)

Get The Road to Ruin now at The Game Crafter or at DriveThruCards:

2 thoughts on “Who Love Reviews? The Road to Ruin…

  1. “(Don’t forget to respawn new threats when revisiting locations!)”? Is this something unique to the Game Crafter version? The DriveThruCards version says, “In either case the threat card remains at the location.” My spouse and I *love* the game, but that’s a pretty significant difference. Thanks for any clarification!

    1. Hi Lester, thanks for the note and the feedback, I love to hear that people are enjoying the game! Can you point me to the ‘respawn’ reference in The Game Crafter? The DriveThruCards version is the correct iteration, so I’m wondering if I missed an edit somewhere?

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