Hero Kids Creator’s Guild coming soon

People of Hero Kids, in June we’re launching the Hero Kids Creator’s Guild on DriveThruRPG.

The Hero Kids Creator’s Guild is home to community created adventures, translations, monsters, equipment, heroes, pets, and expansions.

Hero Kids Creator's Guild

For game designers, translators, and enthusiasts, the Creator’s Guild is a place to contribute to the Hero Kids universe. Here, creators can build on existing Hero Kids materials or create something new. Creators can publish and sell their work to the growing community of Hero Kids fans.
If you’re interested in participating in the Creator’s Guild program and getting something ready for the launch, get in touch with me at justinhalliday(a)gmail[.]com.

6 thoughts on “Hero Kids Creator’s Guild coming soon

  1. I’m curious. What difference will there be between using the Creator’s Guild and the regular compatibility license?

    1. Hey, the existing Hero Kids Compatibility License basically codifies your existing rights to make and sell works compatible with Hero Kids, and allows you to use the Hero Kids Compatibility Logo on those products. However, it does not confer on you any rights to use my existing IP elements. When you use this, you keep all revenues from your product (after platform fees of 30%).

      The Creator’s Guild is only available through DriveThruRPG, and by participating in the Guild, you can publish products using IP from Hero Kids, including Hero Cards, Monster Cards, adventure templates, translations, etc. Through the Creator’s Guild, you keep 50% of the revenue, DriveThruRPG takes 30%, and the IP holder (me), gets 20% royalties.

      1. Thanks! I have seen publishers – I’m thinking of the Super Kids game for example – publish Hero Cards using the normal license. And monster cards in many other adventures. Or are they not the same thing?

        1. The publishers of compatible works can make their own Hero Cards and Monster Cards, but they can’t use the Hero Kids artwork. With the Creator’s Guild, people can use actual Hero Cards and Monster Cards, etc.

          1. Ah, right. Thanks, I get it. Will designers be able to set stuff in the Brecken Vale?

          2. Responding to comment below; yes, through the Creator’s Guild you can set stuff in the Brecken Vale.

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