Forge Engine combat turns description…

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One of the unconventional elements of the Forge Engine RPG is the structure of the turns.   Traditional RPGs have a round/turn structure where each character has a discrete turn within each round.   Their actions occur within their own turn, and time passes in a strangely linear fashion which requires some mental gymnastics to unravel.   Once each character’s round […]

Playtesting the Forge Engine

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Tonight was our first playtest of a new game system I’m working on called the Forge Engine, which is an Abilities and Skills based d10 system: •   Ability and skill based system (classless)•   Give players freedom to craft their own characters•   Increased power through larger dice pools (d10 dice)•   Opposed rolls for combat to keep participants engaged•   Skill challenges against […]

Heroes Against Darkness Print Version

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Dear loyal reader(s), I’ve been neglecting Heroes Against Darkness lately, but now that Hero Kids is out (go buy it) it’s time for work to continue on HAD.   Today we’re looking at the immediate future of Heroes Against Darkness, and the next post will be about plans for the future. Heroes Against Darkness Print Version First, […]

Hero Kids alpha playtest complete

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After several weeks of thorough testing, the alpha playtest of Hero Kids is now complete.   I’ve gotten back a whole bunch of useful feedback from the various testers and their tiny helpers.   Thanks guys and girls! I’m currently working to implement the changes and suggestions that have come up in the testing, I’m designing more adventures for […]