Heroes Against Darkness Print Version

Dear loyal reader(s),

I’ve been neglecting Heroes Against Darkness lately, but now that Hero Kids is out (go buy it) it’s time for work to continue on HAD.   Today we’re looking at the immediate future of Heroes Against Darkness, and the next post will be about plans for the future.

Heroes Against Darkness Print Version

First, I’ve had multiple requests (and not just from my mum) for a print version of Heroes Against Darkness.   I actually did a bunch of work on preparing a print version before I started work on Hero Kids, using Amazon’s CreateSpace service.   The advantage of CreateSpace is that it can do interior color printing from my source (MS Word), while with OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG) I can only get black and white interior without the background parchment texture (because they can’t do full bleed with B&W).

I also got held up because I don’t have a horizontal version of the logo for the spine or appropriate artwork for a wrap-around cover, like this:

However, the advantage of OneBookShelf is that it’s way more discoverable than Amazon, and having the print version there will help my customers and I stay connected.   By the way, having customers is weird…

So screw those lame excuses.  &nbspI’ll do a B&W interior version (without parchment), sort out the cover, and massage the logo into a more horizontal arrangement.

Anyway, it’s coming next.

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