Erroneous Errata

This list includes all of the errata in version 1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness:

Page 6: Method 1: Normal Player Characters should say ‘cumulative total of 63’.
Pages 19-21: ‘Common’ should be ‘Middle-Tongue’.
Page 57: Ranged Attack Powers does not specify that they require line of sight.
Page 75: Winging Shot damage should be ‘+ Ranged’, not ‘+ Melee’.
Page 84: Shocking Ray missing range component.
Page 88: Bolster refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Quake refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Seize Initiative missing ‘from you’ at the end of the effect area component.
Page 88: Steady refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Steady anima cost should be ‘X Anima’.
Page 134: ‘Giants’ is misspelled as ‘Gaints’.
Page 139: ‘princes of princesses’ should be ‘princes or princesses’.
Page 157: Minotaur art overlaps text.

Note: God knows what happened with Page 88. I must have been watching Game of Thrones that day.

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0 thoughts on “Erroneous Errata

  1. Yep, I considered that, but I'd had some problems with non-standard ascii characters already, so I didn't want to take the chance of that character not showing up on some PCs.

  2. Page 139 – Prince/Princess

    "….most senior of the princes of princesses."

    Should be ….most senior of the princes or princesses."

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