Sprint to the Line: Two Years to Design Onyx Sky!

Seems like only ***checks watch*** two months ago that I was predicting that Onyx Sky would top out at 65,000 words and around 300 pages.

Over the last two months, things have accelerated on Onyx Sky. The words and pages have skyrocketed as I’ve been able to concentrate on filling out the game’s content now that the rules are pretty stable.

At the moment, the content for Onyx Sky looks like:

  • 180 page PDF / 360 page print book
  • Full color illustrations throughout
  • Five main sections: Characters, Game Rules, Game Mastering, Campaign Guide, Adversaries
  • 24 general skills and 54 martial skills
  • 110 encounter and adventure seeds
  • 71 adversaries
  • 86,000 words

I recently realized that I started work on Onyx Sky in April 2019. Looking back through my old PDF exports, Forge Engine took me 5 years to complete!

So I gave myself a goal of completing Onyx Sky in 2 years, which means I’m trying to tie this game up before the end of April.

Wish me luck!

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