Onyx Sky: Your thoughts for free books!

After two years’ work, I’m at the final proofing stage for my Onyx Sky post-apocalyptic role-playing game.

For those who’ve missed the earlier drops, here’s the gist:

What do you do with a broken world?

In the early decades of the 2000s, the world degenerated into total war. At the height of the war, a few lucky scientists, prisoners, preppers, soldiers, emergency workers, politicians, bureaucrats, engineers, and ordinary folk retreated to emergency bunkers and facilities.

As the world outside went dark, they settled in for a long wait.

30 years later, it’s time to venture back into the world outside. When they emerge, they find world shattered by war and environmental collapse. Amid decay, they find survivors who struggle to rebuild, flocks of self-replicating nanites that devour metal, lawless raiders of ravage and wrack, and relentless battle-droids that hunt anyone left alive.

The wanderers travel this sundered land and discover their place in it. Do they find a safe place to start a peaceful settlement? Do they fight to return us to the height of civilization? Or use their knowledge and might to build their own empire?

Onyx Sky is a fully-featured role-playing game:

  • Full color 180 page PDF / 360 page print book
  • Attributes + skills character development
  • Streamlined step-dice pool resolution with degrees of success
  • Core book includes Characters, Game Rules, Game Mastering, Campaign Guide, Adversaries
  • 24 general skills and 54 martial skills
  • 110 encounter and adventure seeds
  • 71 adversaries

Now, here’s the deal. First, you can grab a near-complete version here for free now, before it goes on sale on DriveThruRPG in a couple of weeks. Lucky you! Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

Second, I will send print versions of Onyx Sky for FREE to the first 15 people who send me substantive and useful feedback about the system or a playtest you run.

The fine print: This offer is for people who live in places with reasonable shipping costs from DriveThruRPG (like $10?), you have to email the feedback to me at justinhalliday@gmail.com by 27 April 2021 (7 days for now), and when I release the print edition I will send copies to the first 15 people. And if you email me ahead of time you can guarantee yourself one of the 15 copies, as long as you then follow through with the (substantive and useful) feedback.

I’m looking for feedback about areas that are unclear, incomplete, incorrect, exploitable, ignoble, inconsistent, or redundant. Even better, feedback on a playtest or a solo combat scenario you run.

For anyone interested, the release plan is three-tiers:

  • Onyx Sky Free Edition (Free color PDF, ~110 page letter size, includes Characters, Game Rules, Game Mastering, Adversary Templates)
  • Onyx Sky Complete Edition (Paid color PDF, ~180 page letter size, includes Characters, Game Rules, Game Mastering, Campaign Guide, Adversaries, Adversary Templates)
  • Onyx Sky Complete Edition (Paid color print edition in 6×9 digest format ~360 pages)

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