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Last week I did a quick and dirty analysis of Hero Kids sales per day of the week to try to work out which day is best to release a new product (the answer is Thursday):
Hero Kids - Sales Per Day of the Week
Hero Kids – Sales Per Day of the Week
I’ve been dreading doing deeper analysis of sales per year, but I finally pulled out my finger to graph Hero Kids sales per week across the eight (EIGHT!) years since the game’s launch:
Hero Kids - Sales Per Week Across Years
Hero Kids – Sales Per Week Across Years
As you can see, Hero Kids started modestly, but I continued to support it with six additional expansions across its first year, and it gradually built its audience.
I think that there were a few step-changes across the life of Hero Kids:
  • Around the middle of 2013, I released a series of Adventures and Hero expansions over four-ish months. These seemed to build on each other.
  • In December 2013, Hero Kids was the headliner in a Friends And Family Bundle of Holding. This – miraculously – was blogged and tweeted by Wil Wheaton, which gave a large boost (http://wilwheaton.net/2013/12/rpgs-to-play-with-your-kids/).
  • In November 2014, DriveThruRPG launched its first annual Teach Your Kids to Game Week promotion, again headlined by Hero Kids.
I consider Hero Kids an evergreen product, so I plan to keep supporting it indefinitely. Each new product I release goes into the Complete PDF Bundle, improving the bundle’s overall value. And I also send out free copies of each new product to people who have already purchased the Complete PDF Bundle.

Hero Kids, adventures, and expansions are available now at DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG – Hero Kids

And you can follow the development and news about Hero Kids at the dedicated blog:

Hero Kids RPG Blog

3 thoughts on “Hero Kids sales analysis

  1. I didn’t see a contact you link…so I guess I’ll ask here. I run a shop…RPG’s are the main thing we do. I’d like to carry your products. Can I buy direct from you for resale?
    maCnarB Gaming

  2. I purchased the Complete PDF Bundle back in 2016, but have never received any free new products. Just recently I purchased the latest two adventures (Reign of the Dragon and Darkness Near Rivershore), Hero Cards VI and the Hero Advancement Cards, but in the past bought Pet Cards II and Monster Compendium.

    1. Hi Richard, I’ve send you complimentary copies of all of the PDFs for the Hero Kids Fantasy and Sci-Fi products.

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