Hero Forge Games’ new home…

For a while I've struggled with multiple blogs for each of my projects:
Hero Kids main blog (herokidsrpg.blogspot.com)
Heroes Against Darkness blog (heroesagainstdarkness.blogspot.com)
Hero Forge Games blog (heroforgegames.blogspot.com)

The Heroes Against Darkness blog was my first, and it was there that I chronicled the development of Heroes Against Darkness, Hero Kids, and the early days of Forge Engine.

However, the ongoing popularity of Hero Kids led to it getting a stand-alone blog, with development updates and announcements.

But, the combination of a dedicated Hero Kids blog, and the legacy Heroes Against Darkness blog meant that I really didn't have anywhere good to blog about my other projects that aren't either of those games.  I could have used the Hero Forge Games blog, but I was never really satisfied with that as an 'official' site...

Fast-forward to here and now, and this site (www.heroforgegames.com) is the new home for my games, as well as a blog for development updates for my unreleased projects.

Finally, all of the Heroes Against Darkness blog posts have been transitioned to this blog for posterity!

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