Heroes Against Darkness Version 1.0 Released!

Well, editing has taken several weeks longer than I anticipated but it’s done now, so v1.0 of Heroes Against Darkness is released:

The major changes and updates for this revision are:

• Changed Stabilize to be a major action, not a full action
• Changed opposed movement to be a major action, not a move action
• Rewrote Introduction and Character Creation intro
• Updated character sheet
• Updated character creation instructions
• New art for races
• Added Smack It Off power for some monsters
• Added Shake It Off by default for all monsters
• Edit pass over entire document (kill me)
• New cover art, take that!
• Clarified that magic doesn’t stack on Attacks/Defenses
• Fixed Divine Strike anima cost
• Changed immobilized condition to be –2 to Defenses
• Clarified rogues’ Backstab Attack power
• Added ghouls, kobolds and lich to Beasts & Bastards
• Adjusted several necromancer spells to have X costs
• Clarified that allies are other creatures, not the character
• Added swooshy thing at the top of all pages
• Updated monster art
• Added cover art page
• Split Acknowledgements from Art Credits
• Moved Combat and Role-Playing Encounter sections

Check out Heroes Against Darkness over at the downloads page: Heroes Against Darkness – Game Rules.

0 thoughts on “Heroes Against Darkness Version 1.0 Released!

  1. I have a question. Each of the classes gets powers/spells each level. Do they automatically get all the powers/spells of that level, or do they choose one or a couple or what?

  2. I am astounded by just how professionally put together this is. It's a beautifully written and conceived system that just begs to be read, digested and played. I'm part-through the first part of that now and loving what I am reading so far. Can't wait to play it.

    Thank you. Superb.

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