Playtesting the Forge Engine

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Tonight was our first playtest of a new game system I’m working on called the Forge Engine, which is an Abilities and Skills based d10 system: •   Ability and skill based system (classless)•   Give players freedom to craft their own characters•   Increased power through larger dice pools (d10 dice)•   Opposed rolls for combat to keep participants engaged•   Skill challenges against […]

What to Steal From D&D Next!

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Now that I’ve had time to think about some of the things that those crafty designers are WOTC are doing for D&D Next, I think that a few of their changes to that game are worth pursuing for future versions of Heroes Against Darkness. Things to steal from D&D Next:•   Slower scaling progression•   Resistance reduces damage by […]

Remaking Magic: 4 Pages of Spells Per Class

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Of all of the decisions I’ve made during the development of Heroes Against Darkness, the page limitation on spells per class is – at first glance – amongst the most arbitrary.  However, my hope is that this limitation actually reinforces the game’s goal of balancing the magi and martial classes. Over the course of the 10 […]

Remaking Magic: Avoid All Absolutes

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Yet another of my self-imposed ‘rules’ for Heroes Against Darkness is to avoid the sorts of absolute effects of earlier (and future!) versions of D&D.  The history of D&D is littered with absolute effects, here are a few of the more egregious that come to mind: •  Immunities (such as the Dwarven immunity to poison that has […]