Heroes Against Darkness: Alpha rules updated to v0.200

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I’ve updated the downloadable Heroes Against Darkness Alpha rules to v0.200. The major changes are:• Switched page format to US Letter (reluctantly)• Removed the damage section from monsters (was redundant and didn’t reflect their different attacks)• Fixed some minor issues in the example character creation maths• Clarified that the relevant Attack Bonus is added to […]

Mechanics of Attack Bonus progression in D&D and Heroes Against Darkness

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One of the areas of D&D that has changed in most editions is the way that the game deals with the gradual improvements to a character’s abilities over time. Each of the editions has some mechanism to reflect each character’s skill improvement as they gain levels. In the earliest editions, this is achieved through predefined […]

Making D&D 5th Edition Modular:Part III Combat and HP

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The first post in this series gave an overview of the core elements of D&D, while part II looked at progression and balancing modular elements. When designing features for role-playing games or videogames, one of the major considerations is the magnitude (Pop! Pop!) of the additional work that the proposed feature places on the entire […]

Making D&D 5th Edition Modular: Part II

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The previous post in this series looked at a few of the underlying concepts of a unified modular D&D system, and also some of the disparate mechanics that would need to be reconciled in the new system:• Core Mechanic (d20)• Ability Score Bonuses (Ability Score – 10 / 2)• Gradual improvement (+1 per level mechanics) […]