Heroes Against Darkness v1.02

I’ve updated all of the Heroes Against Darkness PDFs to v1.02.

This is another minor update that addresses one of the issues which has come up in the EN World review (and possibly elsewhere); namely that the class powers are separate from the class descriptions.   To address this I’ve added an extra line at the bottom of the Example Combat and Spell Powers section of each class that tells the reader which page that class’s powers are on.

Let me know if any of you have any other feedback for this version of Heroes Against Darkness.

Check out Heroes Against Darkness over at the downloads page: Heroes Against Darkness – Game Rules.

4 thoughts on “Heroes Against Darkness v1.02

  1. The link above leads to a non-existing page.
    Two suggestions:
    1-Create a Forum so people can contribute with ideas, suggestions, classes, etc.
    2-Create a "Plain" Character Sheet.
    BTW: On the Plain Rulebook, on the Classes Sections the boxes for Weapon/Armor Prof are colored filled.

  2. Hi Dimirag,

    I'm not sure what's going on with the missing pages, but it looks like a Blogger issue which has now resolved itself.

    1. A forum would be good, but there's nothing worse than an empty (or alomst empty) forum.
    2. I'll look into creating a plain version of the character sheet.

  3. 1. You're right, but how about making a post/poll to see if the idea is a viable one?
    2. Thanks, you'll make us earn lot of ink, specially if one wants to create lots of characters!

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