Hero Kids Adventure Maps

While I’m waiting for some of the artwork to get done for Hero Kids I’ve been spending my time working on adventures for the game.   So far, I’ve made two ‘normal’ adventures (one of which will be included with the game), one premium adventure (which will be a stand-alone product), and I’m currently working on some more standard adventures to create a number of separate adventure packs.

One of the things I’ve had to do with the adventure maps is make myself a library of bits for caverns, caves, and mines.   The caverns and caves are used in the free adventure that comes with the game (Basement O Rats), and in the premium adventure (Maze of the Minotaur), but I also want to do an adventure in a mine so I spent tonight working on modular rail sections for the mine maps.

Here are a few example maps that I’ve thrown together from all the bits to make sure they fit together properly:

Anyway, back to the coal face (literally)!

A maze with a minotaur, that’s almost as original as Heroes Against Darkness:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.

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