Review of Heroes Against Darkness on The Free RPG Blog

Rob Lang‘s just posted an awesome review of Heroes Against Darkness on The Free RPG Blog:

Heroes Against Darkness by Justin Halliday

I’m not too proud to cherry-pick quotes:

“It is breathtaking.”
“Most remarkable of all for a free RPG: It’s finished.”
“It’s an unmissable Post-Old-School fantasy RPG.”

Check it out for yourself at the downloads page:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.

0 thoughts on “Review of Heroes Against Darkness on The Free RPG Blog

  1. I can see why you're pleased with the review, you look kick ass as a result. What did you think about the 'what's missing' bit?

    Has it affected any other reviews where people expect the game to come with it's own game world, or do people relish the challenge of making their own, or feel refreshed that they can do what they want with it?

  2. As it stands, I deliberately didn't include a setting in Heroes Against Darkness. There were a few reasons for this:

    1. It's not my strongest area, so it would have taken me proprortionally longer to develop that area of the game.
    2. Because the game is an indie d20 game, it's likely to attract a fairly experienced GM who is more comfortable running games in their own world or an existing world.
    3. There are already a bunch of great settings out there, including classics like Forgotten Realms and Kalamar.
    4. Heroes Against Darkness is designed so that the GM can apply its rules to pretty-much any existing adventure, with any monster conversion taking a few seconds (by using the templates and tables at the back of the Bestiary).

    The one thing that a setting does do is demonstrate the system fully, which is why I don't rule out including one in the future.

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