Tabletop Forge Kickstarter!

In working on Heroes Against Darkness I’ve discovered the great community of role-players out there on the internets, and specifically the great community of not-crazy role-players on Google+.   Through these people I’ve met and gamed with Charles Jaimet, who’s one of the programmers of Tabletop Forge, which is a free Google Hangouts application:

“Tabletop Forge is a Google+ Hangout application that lets you play tabletop roleplaying games inside of a Google+ Hangout.   It includes things like dice rolling, whispering, and map functions.   Please see the features page for a list of all the current features and the roadmap for what we have planned in the future!”

I mentioned that Tabletop Forge is free, so Charles and Joshuha Owen launched a Kickstarter to support the project, allowing them to license game tokens, maps, and other cool game add-ons.   The Kickstarter is in it’s last few days, so this is your last chance to get on board and help support these guys who are building a great tool for everyone in their own time.   Every dollar you pledge helps make Tabletop Forge better, and that’s good for everyone (although it does sound a bit like socialism… 🙂 ).

As an added bonus, the $120 HORN OF SUMMONING pledge level gets you four-session Heroes Against Darkness mini-campaign with me (think of how awesome that would be).

Go show Charles and Joshuha some respect and put some money in to their Kickstarter:

Tabletop Forge: The Virtual Tabletop for Google+ Hangouts

Heroes Against Darkness is also compatible with real live people:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.

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