Onyx Sky OUT NOW!

The ‘i’s are dotted, the ‘t’s are crossed, the editing and proofing are done, the PDFs are laid out.

Onyx Sky is done, finished, released, freed into the world!

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Civilisations Collapse Fast

But you might have noticed that I was close to ‘finished’ all the way back in April, and you might ask why the delay.

The delay was because it took me several months to write an extensive introductory adventure and mini-setting for Onyx Sky; Salt City Dogs.

In the introductory adventure, Salt City Dogs, the players are prisoners who are subjects of an experimental military cryogenics experiment. When they wake, they find the military base empty, abandoned, decrepit. Outside, they find the world in ruin, its communities struggling to endure against roaming marauders, autonomous battle droids, and metal-eating nanites.

(And as an aside, you know I’m obsessed with word counts, so you might be interested to know that the final Onyx Sky word count is 89,000 words, with another 24,000 words in Salt City Dogs.)

Which I guess is a long way of saying that right now you can get Onyx Sky from DriveThruRPG:

  • Onyx Sky: The full version of Onyx Sky, 183 pages packed with tight rules and gameable content.
  • Onyx Sky (Free Version): The free version of Onyx Sky, includes the game rules and player character content ideal for players.

So, if you’re interested, check out Onyx Sky, and let me know what you think.

And if you like it, help me out with a five-star review to let other people know it’s worth their time too!

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