Heroes Against Darkness v1.01

I’ve updated all of the Heroes Against Darkness PDFs to v1.01. This minor update addresses all of the known errata.

In addition to the fixes, I’ve also added numbering to the GM’s Inspiration Board (Page 149) so you can roll for some random inspiration.

Here’s the list of fixed errata:
Page 6: Method 1: Normal Player Characters should say ‘cumulative total of 63’.
Pages 19-21: ‘Common’ should be ‘Middle-Tongue’.
Page 57: Ranged Attack Powers does not specify that they require line of sight.
Page 75: Winging Shot damage should be ‘+ Ranged’, not ‘+ Melee’.
Page 84: Shocking Ray missing range component.
Page 88: Bolster refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Quake refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Seize Initiative missing ‘from you’ at the end of the effect area component.
Page 88: Steady refers to ‘Anima’ instead of ‘anima’.
Page 88: Steady anima cost should be ‘X Anima’.
Page 134: ‘Giants’ is misspelled as ‘Gaints’.
Page 139: ‘princes of princesses’ should be ‘princes or princesses’.
Page 157: Minotaur art overlaps text.

Check out Heroes Against Darkness over at the downloads page: Heroes Against Darkness – Game Rules.

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