Inconsistent Mechanics: D&D Essentials Magic Missile

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If 4th Edition D&D went to all of the trouble of replacing saving throws with defenses on a consistent basis, then why the hell did they undermine this good work by making the Essentials Magic Missile auto-hit? Furthermore, this is a double-bad move, because it totally undermines the point of minions. Minions only have 1 […]

Heroes Against Darkness: Alpha rules updated to v0.200

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I’ve updated the downloadable Heroes Against Darkness Alpha rules to v0.200. The major changes are:• Switched page format to US Letter (reluctantly)• Removed the damage section from monsters (was redundant and didn’t reflect their different attacks)• Fixed some minor issues in the example character creation maths• Clarified that the relevant Attack Bonus is added to […]

Introducing Heroes Against Darkness

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Welcome to the home of the indie RPG Heroes Against Darkness. As it says up there in the header, Heroes Against Darkness (HAD) is a modern RPG that aims to provide a simple and deep game experience without becoming slow, cumbersome or complicated. This section provides a brief overview of these core elements of the […]