More Niceness About Heroes Against Darkness

The Boulder himself over at the Impossible Boulder blog took a look at Heroes Against Darkness for his series of posts about beginner-friendly free RPGs:

Heroes Against Darkness: Beginner Friendly?

Once again I shall take quotes out of context to increase the appeal of the game (J/K):

“Heroes Against Darkness is a free fantasy role playing game wrapped up in an attractive package and stuffed with style.”

“The choice to strip feats and skills from d20 is really the first place that the game starts to move into more old school territory.”

“The real beginner-friendly jewel of Heroes isn’t found in the rulebook at all. The Sundered Tower is a solo adventure done in a choose-your-path style that teaches the basics of the system.”

Heroes Against Darkness is one the of the slickest free RPGs I have seen yet. Don’t let the $0 price tag fool you, this is the full package.

“This is a game that feels like 0e/1e D&D with a more robust tactical framework and a unified system. I get a feeling that Heroes Against Darkness will appeal to fans of the E6, Fourthcore and people that subscribe to the OSR ethos, but not necessarily the games.”

You heard the man, don’t let the price tag fool you, feel the quality:
Heroes Against Darkness: Downloads.

0 thoughts on “More Niceness About Heroes Against Darkness

  1. I feel so dirty when you put them all together like that 😉

    Seriously though, it's a good game that deserves all the nice things people are saying about it.

  2. Yo Justin, you should keep updated the version number in the download page… I keep coming and start downloading the PDf, just to find the version in the 2nd page… 😀

    Now we are at v1.01 (Revision 283), correct?

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