Forge Engine

The Forge Engine universal RPG system puts full control of your character into your hands.  The game supports tactical play while remaining streamlined and fast. 

The Forge Engine has the following features:

  • Opposed d10 dice pools with degrees of success
  • Attribute and skill based system (classless)
  • Give players freedom to build their own characters
  • Increased power through larger dice pools
  • Energy system gives players control of number and strength of characters’ actions
  • Opposed rolls for combat to keep participants engaged
  • Attribute tests against static difficulty numbers for simplicity
  • Attacks and attribute tests resolve fails, and degrees of successes
  • Larger action pools give greater chance of multiple successes
  • Larger defense pools increase chance of repelling or minimizing attacks
  • Combat rolls combine attribute, skill, weapon, evasion, and armor in one step
  • Energy expenditure system reflects fatigue from exertion
  • Tactical combat system with meaningful decisions in critical situations
  • Concurrent combat turns allow fluid and dynamic battles
  • Variable energy economy gives players control of their characters’ actions
  • Support for medieval fantasy, historical, modern, and sci-fi play

The Forge Engine universal RPG system is in active development and playtesting.  Follow the project on the Hero Forge Games blog:

Hero Forge Games - Blog

Download the core rules PDF directly here:

Forge Engine - Universal Role-Playing System

Download the latest playtest packet here:

Forge Engine - Playtest Packet - v447

And old playtest packets are here:

Forge Engine - Playtest Packet - v435

Forge Engine - Playtest Packet - v409

Forge Engine - Playtest Packet - v282